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Alex Landeen Does Blog

Master photographer of all things with a trigger just got a new pair of shoes …

alex landeen

When you lose roughly a squillion pounds while on a subsistence diet [of rainbow trout and rice] it’s hard to call yourself a “Fat Guy” anymore. So Alex Landeen got himself a new blog too.

MG signing off (because the jury’s still out on the suit thing)

The Man Does Not Screw Around

Laptop, Netflix account…ample helping of Chinese cuisine.


Master Alex Landeen.

MG signing off (because the party’s almost over, and yet it’s just getting started)

Hattery and Badassery

Special delivery from General Alexander Landeen:

Alex Landeen

The patch reminded me of another warrior of the fly, Admiral Jean-Paul Lipton. He earned his fifth star, recognition as an Idylwilde Flies Signature Tier

Jean-Paul Lipton

To each I salute.

MG signing off (to wear the hat, and fish the flies)

What happens in Nawlins stays in Nawlins

The title-ized statement would be true in the vast majority of cases, if only because most people that visit New Orleans, LA don’t recollect what actually happened upon return.

But…if you’ve cajoled Lensmaster Alex Landeen into shadowing your every move, there’s a solid that the rule is getting thrown out with the bathwater.

MG signing off (’cause there’s a plane to catch)

Carp Slam 2011 unmasked

Fly-fishing for carp in Colorado isn’t all fun and games. Ok, maybe it is. But it’s got absolutely nothing to do with clear mountain streams.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Ok, maybe there is.

carp slam

The behind the scenes story and photos compliments of Mr. Alex Landeen.

MG signing off (to resume my beauty sleep)

Alex Kong vs. Smithzilla

Hollywood has run out of ideas, so fly-fishing compadres are picking up the slack. As if competing against a bunch of gangsters during Carp Slam wasn’t enough, I am now forced to contend with bonafide monsters overtaking my humble abode just a few short weeks from now.

It’s a clash that is sure to wow theoretical physicists, the paparazzi, and dogs and cats alike:

Alex Kong

King Kong

…versus Smithzilla.

I thought about buying a catastrophic insurance policy, but instead I’m just taking bets on who gets the sofa.

MG signing off (because the house is supposed to always win, although in this case it’s questionable)

Introducing The Landeen Photography blog

I thought I was dreaming so I pinched myself. Alex Landeen, professional photographer and Fat Guy Fly Fisherman extraordinaire has started a new blog about the fine art of recording radiation on sensitive mediums, and telling the story in literary form too:

I didn’t know this man, and he didn’t know me but as I stood in this place with the playful wind and soft orange end-of-day light I felt closer to something I couldn’t quite touch.Who was Larry Titus? Who are his grilling, drinking, party friends? Has he finally found some gas?

I will probably never know, so I took a photo instead.

I don’t know Larry either, but I do know Landeen (and have the bar tab receipts to prove it). And while there are plenty of photography blogs out there, I also know that when the words professional and photography are used around Alex’s name, they really should be spelled with capital Ps. He’s just that good. You can see more of his work here.

MG signing off (excited that he’s about to get more photo tips from Alex without having to buy him any beer)

Preview: What happens when you go fly fishing with Fat Guys (UPDATED)

A preview of Alex Landeen…

Alex's Rainbow

A preview of Michael Gracie…

Gracie's Brown

Read the whole shebang at Fat Guy Fly Fishing (when Alex gets around to it).

UPDATED: Alex is nowhere near as lazy as I thought!

Winding up the month of July

The next couple of weeks are going to be fun…

  • Alex Landeen hits Colorado today. We’re going to be fishing like madmen, and probably drinking with similar fury. Scouts were sent out to check conditions, and the report back was good-to-go. Some of the Primal Fly gang are going to be in on the mayhem.
  • Going to hack together an internal RSS parser, as subcontractor to a real engineer. It’ll be a novel use of RSS, and I can’t believe that knowing a little PHP actually led to doing some coding on the side for real compensation. I find coding fun, but don’t think I’d want to do it full time – the entire internet would crash and burn if I did.
  • I’m hitting the carp water the first of next week with someone who needs convincing that they should compete in the Carp Slam. I consider it a done deal already.
  • Over the next few weeks I’ll be reviewing the buy-sell agreement for small business client. They’re concerned that either the agreement is weak or that the amount of insurance they have doesn’t fit the bill for the business size. Valuation may be in order, and since the entity itself is light on hard assets, I’ll probably be playing the discounted cash flow game.
  • By month’s end I hope to have the operating plan done for a direct sales plus lead generation concept. It’s in the green energy space, and the crew we’re assembling is A #1 top notch. Creating a sales and marketing organization from the ground up – entity, people, technology – means my hands get very dirty. I like that a lot.
  • And it may leak into August, but I’ll be tearing to pieces reviewing two pieces of fly fishing gear, an overlooked pair of rubber soled wading boots and a waist pack by someone with big name recognition. This means I’ll have to do some fishing, and while it is beginning to feel like work that in and of itself may be the best excuse ever.
  • Adieu.

    What happens when multiple fat guys converge at a single point?

    Alex Landeen (a.k.a. Fat Guy Alex) is coming into town, supposedly to fly fish. He’s depicted the first few moments after stepping into my abode in cartoon:


    Fat Guy Kyle is right down the street (like an hour’s drive, but who’s counting steps), meaning 2/3rds of the Fat Guy Fly Fishing contingent, plus about 3/4ths of a fat guy (me) will be in the same place at the same time.

    Will those rods Landeen is toting in get tested, or broken? Will he drink all my beer? Will we team up to give Kyle a wedgie? Will it be an idyllic fly fishing experience, or extraordinary mayhem?

    Stay tuned.