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Q&A with Rise Fishing’s Amanda Switzer

Fly GirlsI had a chance to talk with Amanda Switzer of FlyFisherGirl, Guide House: Montauk, and now Rise Fishing Company fame. That’s right, Ms. Switzer has started a rod company, and I ingratiated myself in the hope of scoring some schwag chatted with her about a life in fishing, and a future in helping others make the cast. Here we go…

1) We can read your bio over at the FlyFisherGirl website, but that doesn’t tell me exactly who Amanda is. Why don’t you do it instead?

I spent my summers in East Hampton, and I can remember fishing the docks from the age of ten. I would hassle everyone for information, and was soon hitting the beaches, then later party boats and offshore too. In my early 20’s I bumped into this landscaping guy who always had a fly rod in the back of his truck. More quizzing, and I was soon sight fishing for stripers from shore.

After that I went on a trip to Belize with my boyfriend, and while I figured I should get some time on deck seeing as I paid for my ticket, I wound up sitting in the boat the whole time. The guy was just too impatient to teach me. When we got back I dumped him, then taught myself.

What I always wanted to be is a trust-funder who could travel the world fishing, and creating art nobody would ever buy, but my husband conned me into starting a rod company instead.