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How to get $25 worth of free fly-fishing stuff this Saturday

American Express Small Business SaturdayIt’s the brainchild of American Express – Small Business Saturday. The day after Black Friday, a.k.a. Saturday November 26th, you can use your American Express at the infamous fly shop Trout’s Fly Fishing and the first $25 of your purchase is essentially on the house. The house, of course, is AMEX themselves – they’ll stick the credit on your next statement.

You won’t get any pepper spray in your face while stocking up on fly-tying materials, leaders, or Sage ONEs, because fly anglers are extremely civilized Walmart isn’t a small business. But you might get some free refreshments, unless the staff drinks them all by 9:30am (which is a distinct possibility).

Your homework assignment prior to this grand event is as follows: 1) Eat all of yesterday’s leftovers, 2) Register your American Express card here -> https://sync.americanexpress.com/sbs2011, 3) Inventory all your gear, determining what you might need, and then 4) Pour a cocktail to assist in convincing yourself what you do need.

Repeat step 4 as required.

MG signing off (to register my card)

Editor’s note: Informed sources suggest online purchases at the Trout’s store (using your AMEX card, of course) must be made by approximately 3:30pm MST in order to be eligible for the credit.

AmEx Financial Accounts Stolen…

…compliments of stupidity.

The description of the incident says it all, but I will summarize for your convenience:

An Ameriprise (American Express Financial Advisors, renamed) employee was carrying around 200,000+ brokerage account records, on a laptop, unencrypted. He or she left the laptop in a parked car (likely in plain sight), and someone broke into the car and took it.

Stupid points, made more so in their combination: laptop, unencrypted data, parked car. Its so dumb, I wonder if there is more to this story.