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IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: The FIBFest bar is now officially closed

I look forward to some bonefishing during Deneki Outdoors FIBFest 2011. But I cannot deny anticipation of alcohol-induced rowdiness down at the Slack Tide after a hard day’s work either. Sadly, swinging from oceanside tiki bar rafters with a bottle of Captain Morgan in my free hand just ain’t gonna happen now.

See, our host, one Andrew Bennett, has officially succumbed to the influence of the corporation. Instantly gone are his perpetual smile, the laid back atmosphere he’s created at his lodges, and the singular focus on fishing-as-fun. It’s back to business from this point forward.

While I expect to catch even more bonefish now – fish pay very close attention to industry press releases – from here on out I will address my old friend as Mr. Bennett. And I suggest you do the same (after you congratulate him, of course).

MG signing off (to find some space in my bag for a pipe and a tweed smoking jacket)

Two men enter. Three men leave.

Losing count of the number of fish you caught is usually a sign that things are going pretty well. Forgetting how many double hookups you had means it probably got downright silly.

With almost two hours remaining until lunch, Bruce Smithhammer and I debated pulling out the Sage Xi3 7 wt/6080 reel combo we’d carried along to test. Then we just handed it to the guide.

All we know for certain is that by day’s end we wound up with eight TRIPLES – even more ridiculous because we chased barracuda almost exclusively between noon and three.

And nabbed one of those too!

Deneki FIBFest host Andrew Bennett, along with his right hand men Rick Sisler and Matt Hynes, said South Andros Island bonefish weren’t too particular about their food. But heck, they’re even eating my flies! And so darn frequently that I’m starting to run out.

The MG Cudaceivers I tied are another matter – they were specifically designed for single use.

MG signing off (to scrounge up a tying vise)