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Anti-phishing toolbar study needs a reality check

A new study on the effectiveness of anti-phishing toolbars suggests they all suck. While you have to throw up the bullshit flag on the validity of tests sponsored by the developers themselves (like what seems the case in the Firefox/IE7 fight), you also have to look at the issue relatively.

Even the best of the bunch — Earthlink, Netcraft, Google, Cloudmark, and Explorer 7 — detected only 85% of fraudulent websites, a good but far from secure level of effectiveness. The rest scored under the 50% mark, with McAfee’s SiteAdvisor unable to spot any.

So throw out the McAfee deal – my Aunt Millie shouldn’t get a toolbar because the best only catch 85% of phishing sites? Is catching 85% worse than not having one installed, and leaving it 100% to chance?

I don’t think so.