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At least someone benefits from spam

It may shorten your productive workday by clogging up your inbox. But someone is benefitting from all that spam, besides, of course, the spammers’ pocketbooks. The anti-spam market saw nearly 14% growth this last year – revenues for reducing your aggravation have hit $4 billion.

So, we have spam, but we also have anti-spam jobs, and happy anti-spam investors. Nice.

The Good Ol’ College Try

I am going to give Radford University a thumbs up for trying, but I have got to wonder what their IT department was doing the last few years. The announcement of a new spam system by the school’s paper noted that “after several years and several thousand dollars”, the school has finally implemented a new anti-spam system.

And what a result…

IBM hopping on the spam vigilante bandwagon? I don’t think so.

There has been a lot of chatter regarding IBM’s latest foray into the anti-spam marketplace. At first, the talk was primarily bunk. IBM was being accused of spamming back the spammers. Now, a few days later, the record has been set straight on FairUCE.

Canadians Ignoring Spam…how dare they!

There has been a pack of yacking on how spam is slowing; unfortunately, most of it is coming with all kinds of technical reasons being put forth by anti-spam software company Vice Presidents of Business Development, with their products getting immediate credit for the declines.


Here is an alternative, if not novel, reason why spam is on the decline (although I don’t think it is)…

Interview with the SpamAssassin

Nothing related to spam is complete without some talk about SpamAssassin. Quite possibly one of the finest open-source initiatives out there, SpamAssassin recently took first prize in Datamation’s Anti-Spam Product of the Year 2005 challenge (see SpamAssassin Takes Top Anti-Spam Honors).

So Howard Wen, a freelance contributor to The O’Reilly Network got a chance to speak with Daniel Quinlan, the main honcho behind the jewel of spam elimination. You can read more by clicking here: The Spam Assassin Behind SpamAssassin :: Open Source, Linux News & Software – OSDir.com :: Linux & Open Source News from Across the Community.

Thanks goes out to Daniel Quinlan and Howard Wen.