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You want popularity, or performance?

A tech columnist from the USA Today is betting that Steve Jobs “gets hosed” in 2006. By “hosed,” Kevin Maney means Mr. Jobs’s popularity will dwindle. Frankly, I hope it does.

The guy’s company is on a run – the stock is up better than seven-fold in the last two years. Its products are nearly bulletproof, and I don’t mean the iPod. I have done everything stupid thing a person could do to my Powerbook, and it still runs like a bat out of hell – I went through a Dell a year when I was even more stupid. The company is shaking up establishments like the recording industry, and frankly, someone should do more than shaking to them – a two-by-four to the side of the head comes to mind.

Everybody already hates the guy (extreme jealousy breeds hatred), and if it takes being despised to push someone to such unbelievable standards, then I hope I can get a few etiquette lessons from Jobs one of these days.

Anyone more interested in popularity than performance should go into politics (or in this case, maybe journalism).