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Colorado AG talks fraud to poorly packed house

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers is touring the state talking about fraud, privacy and identity theft. His last stop, in Pueblo, was met with something less than enthusiasm – in fact, he was met with nobody at all. The AG was targeting the elderly – the ones you would think would be the most vulnerable. According to Suthers, one-third of fraud victims are seniors.

Hat tip to ColoradoPols for picking this one up, and a bit of a smirk to them as well, for politicizing it. I don’t care who your candidate of choice is, and/or what they are promising. Not a one of them can stop this stuff – new laws, policing, etc. won’t put much of a dent in it. But, education and awareness will. And I’ll applaud Suthers for trying.

And to those sniveling about the poor turnout – you won’t be when someone empties your bank account.

Mommy, Elliot won’t share

There is little doubt that Elliot Spitzer has done some good on behalf of the little guy. Determinably anti-establishment, Spitzer has attacked the mutual fund industry and the insurance industry, on top of spending a little time on spamming (he is partially responsible for outing OptInRealBig, and exacerbating its bankruptcy).

But we all know the guy is about politics first and foremost (meaning there is something in it for him too). So when I hear about some new initiative out the New York AG’s office that sounds a bit off, I first wonder whether the traditional news media just got it wrong again. Once I rule that out, I then wonder what else our “friend” in New York is thinking.