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No backup plan is ransomware in its own right

The “latest threat” to computer users is supposedly ransomware. For those just visiting, that [ransomware] is a piece of malware that infects your machine, encrypting files and asking you to pay up to get them unlocked.

The standard response is to keep your anti-virus/anti-spyware up to date, and then there is backing up your files. Huh?

I know this couple that lost four years worth of baby pictures when their hard drive crashed. They blamed the computer manufacturer – they called the machine a piece of shit and forced not only a fix, but a backup hard drive as well. All I could ask was where was that backup hard drive in the first place. In fact, there was no backup plan at all.

Yea, you can jump through all the hoops and spend tons of dough on protection against this latest threat. Or, you can buy a hundred bucks worth of multi-tasking security from CompUSA, and learn how to hit the restore button.

On moving MovableType

I moved this site to a new host roughly two months ago. When doing so I thought it might be nice to go with a pre-installed MovableType host so I didn’t have to fool around with editing config files. Of course, I used the MT export/import function to move the entries (as the database schemas were slightly different between the two installs), but now it seems that didn’t work very well. I’ve since recieved a few emails stating I have broken links and/or missing pages. Those emails are correct too.

If you find a link via search engine or otherwise, and the page does not come up, try adding a “_1” to the end of the filename (but before the .php part). And make sure the filename is not more than 15 characters (which means you may have to delete a few characters to stuff the “_1” in. If that fails, chalk it up to a poor migration. If you email me back, I will try to dig it out of an old backup and upload it for you.


Extortion via encryption

A trojan horse is running around, encrypting folks’ data, and demanding cash for its safe unravelling. Sophos has already found the password, but I wouldn’t have been worried anyway. Why?

Because I back my stuff up. And you should too. Whether it is a sneaky virus trying to empty your pockets, or a hard drive head slamming down on a platter, it makes no difference. Your data is now toast.