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Beaver Island

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MG signing off (expecting the plot to thicken)

Get your Northern Michigan fly-fishing on, without leaving your sofa

Beaver Island carpQuestion: What fly fishing destination has crystal clear water, light sand bottoms, azure blue skies, and wily, spooky fish that will rip backing off your reel like the fly was snagged on the bumper of a Ford Shelby GT 500 KR?

Seychelles? Christmas Island? South Andros?

If you guessed any of the above-mentioned places, you are correct. But you still don’t win the prize. See, it’s a trick question – your gameshow host didn’t add in the “and is right in the United States” factor.

Still guessing? Probably, but since a grand event is coming May 26th that will otherwise spill the beans on this bonafide wonderland, I’m going to break the hotspotting rule…

Beaver Island, Michigan!

Our main man Matt Dunn is a guide in them parts, and he’s cooked up a scheme to ensure this bastion of clean water carp fishing is never overlooked again. In conjunction with the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce, he’s hosting a media event (a.k.a. multi-day fly-fishing and heavy alcohol consumption gathering), and the roster of participants is like a who’s who of getting into biker bar brawls sticking it to the freshwater equivalent of the Bluefin TunaAfrican Pompano…mermaid:

Co-starring Bill Konway and Caleb Rienhold, it’s a do-not-miss affair you can follow via ThirdCoastFly and other such mainstream media outlets.

The Master of Disaster/Tower of Power/Too Sweet to be Sour [unless he gets a altitude-induced nosebleed which he won’t since they’ll be at roughly sea-level] Matthew D. has conferred with his public relations firm, and rumor has it they’re branding the gala BeaverFest. Don’t shoot the messenger though – I’m calling it LakeMichiganCarpFest, as unoriginal as that may sound, in order to keep my PG rating with the Fly Fisher Girls.

MG signing off (insanely jealous as my casting arm is, and my liver is not)