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Guinness going the way of the Schlitz Tall Boy?

It was the beer that made Milwaukee famous, and that which was smuggled from the fridge for inclusion in fishing outings circa junior high. Then it disappeared from the shelves. Now Guinness, the beer that made Ireland famous – at least in the minds of Florida rednecks, of which I am a proud alumnus – seems headed down the same path.

Zak Avery speaketh…

So why would such an icon appear to be losing its foothold in the market? There’s no doubt that, as a nation, our drinking habits have changed radically over the last decade …while it’s easy to recruit new drinker to sweeter drinks, it’s another thing to recruit them to something that looks like it will taste like the darkest corner of an old man’s beer cellar.

When Mr. Avery says “nation” he means Great Britain. Still, say it isn’t so! I wouldn’t be able to work, or play, if Guinness was no more.

Of course, Schlitz is coming back, thanks in no small part to microbrew grunge match champion…Pabst Blue Ribbon. Maybe the world’s tastiest cholesterol medication just needs some new marketing zing.

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What Fly Fishing Retailer is really all about

Some say it’s about camaraderie, pressing palms with folks you’ve only ever corresponded with via email or phone. For others, it’s about cutting a few deals, picking up another line or getting your product in that shop. If you were at Bubba Gumps on Thursday night, you’d think it was about the ten pounds of boiled shrimp you ate. And if you rode with me to the Drake Film Awards you might have thought it was about all the stuff you left in my truck right after someone started calling for shots and I smartly exited stage left.

But what it’s really all about is watching professional fly fishing guides trying to pick up the best looking server at the Strata Bar, and failing miserably at least getting a chance picture out of it.

What was her name again?

Bad pickup lines, boys and girls. It’s about building up a veritable arsenal of bad pickup lines.

Key to fly casting is strict dietary control

In another blow to the teetering fly fishing gear industry, a non-partisan think tank study has found that massive consumption of donuts and beer corrects breaking wrists and rising elbows, and increases overall line speed by as much as 250%.

Empirical evidence in executive summary form can be found here.

Thomson Proprietary Research: We’ve succumbed to drunken dart throwing

From Forbes:

The stock market could rally sharply by the end of the year, according to an analysis from Thomson Proprietary Research…Otherwise, the report said, the fourth quarter will end up ‘well below’ that of an average year, although it could remain ‘well above’ its worst year.


Big Brother at your bar

I was out last night (fancy that), and as can be expected when you order a Guiness Stout, I was asked for my ID. What happened next was interesting, to say the least.

The gal who asked for the ID disappeared with it. Turns out, she was off swiping on an “ID Check” system. Never said she was going to do it either. I wasn’t boarding a plane, getting a concealed weapons permit, or applying to adopt a child. I was buying a fricken beer.

The manager showed up a few minutes later (actually, we found him lingering around behind us, attempting to eavesdrop on our unrelated conversation). His excuse was the system was “the law,” comparing the process to what happens at the neighborhood strip club (which I don’t go to, but obviously he does). No apology for the blatant lack of disclosure was given.

I guess you can’t have a drink anymore without someone watching. And I am still looking for that “law.”

UPDATE: More on ID swipes and concerns.