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Maybe I should be asking..

what is it with laptops? Or should I?

I have to pick on our educational institutions for educating our computer science grads, and then losing their data. It is simply ridiculous. Then I read that Boeing has “lost” a laptop full of employee records.

Now I am asking myself, “what is it with UC Berkeley?” They “lost” confidential staff and student data, AND it was on a laptop!

Berkeley laptop recovered, but data all gone

Some months ago, a laptop containing a ton of personal data on students was stolen from an office at UC Berkelely. At the time, I had to wonder what all that sensitive data was doing on a laptop to begin with, but hell, I am just a dummy anyway.

Now, that laptop has been recovered, although it seems the hard drive has been overwritten with a new operating system, and may have passed through several hands before it was finally tracked down. Of course, the data is gone, and forensics specialists admit there is little they can do to determine whether the data was ever accessed.