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Digital gifts for my digital birthday

Kim Cameron says that just because a website doesn’t blatantly ask for your social security number doesn’t mean they can’t figure out precisely who you are. Intriguing to say the least.

I have a “fake birthday” too, but I can wait for the e-cards.

UPDATE: More on privacy, and your personal “clickstream”, from Alex Iskold.

Georgetown University late to the punch

Educational institutions have a sordid history here at Spamroll. But since you are now numb to the news of system break-ins at such places, I won’t harp on it. Nevertheless, I must ask the question – why did Georgetown University wait three weeks to start notifying potential victims after an attack exposed 41,000 names, birthdates, and Social Security Numbers?

Notification is where legislation is needed.

Can you believe I actually said “legislation is needed? Neither can I.