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A birthday gift winds up worth the wait

I’ve been promising a buddy of mine a day on the water. For about four fricken years. Things just never seemed to work out though.

His birthday came around, and he, the wife, and the kids packed up and came to Denver. Then the whole family got a flu bug, and once again it looked like fishing would be out.

The phone rang at 9:30am. We’re all feeling better, dude. Come pick me up.

It snowed, never broke twenty degrees, and the wind howled.

And we stuck pig after pig after pig after pig.

Happy birthday Hans.

MG signing off (to thaw my still frozen fingers)

Happy Birthday to Roughfisher

Brownliner extraordinaire Jean-Paul Lipton is old cold, very old cold.

Probably not as old as this guy though. Billy who? Classic.

ID thieves are very social creatures

PC World notes that ID thieves are increasingly targeting MySpace users, with IM-oriented phishing attacks leading the charge. Now my two cents..

As much as I inquired about MySpace’s methods, the site can’t be held solely to blame for what is and what may happen here. When you add your name, general (or more specific) location, birthday, email, and IM address into a single database, you are looking for trouble, and only education is going to make users aware of that. Yea, its supposed to be fun getting birthday wishes from your friends – even those you haven’t heard from in a while. But from people you hardly know (and likely never have met in person)?

Not worth the risk (and I personally don’t like hearing about how old I am anymore either).