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Anyone need some pills?

I doubt it.

SecurityPark noted that 1 in 5 emails is pharmaceutical spam, based on a recent analysis by BlackSpider Technologies.

What do you expect in such a pharmacologically enhanced society? Personally, I think spammers are wasting their time – 4 out of 5 people already have plenty of pills, and the others don’t have internet access.

Spammers move to the slow lane

BlackSpider Technologies reports that spammers are taking better care of their botnets, stoking them slowly to avoid corporate spam detectors.

I believe it. Botnet builders are increasingly under attack, with authorities shutting down huge networks and arresting creators of those networks. While there are still a lot of computers out there infected, and many more unprotected targets, building one of these distribution networks takes time (particularly as they often number in the hundreds of thousands).

For spammers, botnets are an asset they would rather not lose.