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This blog has been banned (and tears of joy well up in my eyes)!

I kicked and screamed, but the Fly Fisher Girls would not give this blog their Fly Fisher Boy Blogs “over 18” designation. Nope…only those Fat Guys and Roughdude were honored with that.

I wept.

But even in a world of such gross injustice every dog has their day. Today the Kid Rock of the North, MaineFlyBoi, informed the world that this blog has been banned by the Brewer (Maine) School Department. And ol’ Ben was kind enough to provide the pudding…

Charged for cavorting with Swedish bikini models, or something like that. The pinups Moldy Chum and Trout Underground post can’t touch this.

I don’t know whether to cry again, or just howl.

MG signing off (to book my next trip to Stockholm)

Introducing The Landeen Photography blog

I thought I was dreaming so I pinched myself. Alex Landeen, professional photographer and Fat Guy Fly Fisherman extraordinaire has started a new blog about the fine art of recording radiation on sensitive mediums, and telling the story in literary form too:

I didn’t know this man, and he didn’t know me but as I stood in this place with the playful wind and soft orange end-of-day light I felt closer to something I couldn’t quite touch.Who was Larry Titus? Who are his grilling, drinking, party friends? Has he finally found some gas?

I will probably never know, so I took a photo instead.

I don’t know Larry either, but I do know Landeen (and have the bar tab receipts to prove it). And while there are plenty of photography blogs out there, I also know that when the words professional and photography are used around Alex’s name, they really should be spelled with capital Ps. He’s just that good. You can see more of his work here.

MG signing off (excited that he’s about to get more photo tips from Alex without having to buy him any beer)

This morning’s sweet irony in the fly fishing blogosphere

I tromped on over to the Deneki Outdoors blog this morning, and was immediately smitten with the guidespeak glossary. When I moved to toss my two-cents in, this came up…


I’m sure all fly fishers will be utterly confused if those types of words keep popping up.

607 posts, MySQL, Excel, and some patience

There were 607 posts in this blog with broken links, due to the migration of Spamroll and Thoughtmarket posts over here. I didn’t have existing, running blog platforms with which to apply custom export scripts, so I tooled with raw databases…

  • 517 posts were repaired by extracting their contents using MySQL, and matching link titles with the titles from this WordPress install. The matches were imported into Excel, where concatenation was used to create a long list of UPDATE/REPLACE sql statements. The updates were then run against the database.
  • Of the remaining 90 posts, 75 were modified by hand to replace links that were lost in migration, including links to site search strings and uploaded documents.
  • 13 posts were deleted because broken/missing links were so relevant to the post that not having them made the post useless – most of these were cross links between blogs.
  • Two posts were deleted for personal reasons, having provided me with such extraordinary lessons in human behavior that I no longer wished to share them.

Total time spent on this endeavor was approximately four hours, done mostly in the wee morning when fresh caffeine was still in the bloodstream. All should now be well with internal links here.

PS: All link targets to new windows were also permanently removed (as I know having new windows pop up when clicking web page links has to aggravate more than just myself).

Spam has new venues (or spam suffers from boredom)

According to MessageLabs, spammers are growing bored with POP/SMTP and are shifting their marketing time to web-based venues. Instant messaging (nothing new), blogs, and social networking communities (it “comes with the territory”), makes this kind of a bore in the way of announcements.

Not even kind of.

Nobody guessed

Nobody ventured to guess where the p0ker related spam feed I found came from, and I don’t blame you. I wouldn’t want to be associated in any way with this site either. Nonetheless, I’ll tell you: I found it on Topix.net under the subject “Spyware.” How the heck did that leak through? More spammy sites fighting for attention.

See Blog Phish, phish blog phish

Watch those blogs. ZDNet reported that new blogs are popping up that contain malicious code like keystroke logging trojans. According to the report, many of these blogs are on legitmate hosted sites (I assume the free ones). As a platform for blogging is just a few clicks away, and with thousands of new blogs being created each day, this comes as no surprise. Note that most of the sites in question, which according to Websense number just a few hundred at last count, are using disquised email lures from popular instant messaging services to attract attention.