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Search spam made easy, for now

Lets face it folks..while email spam is still a problem, and a growing one, spammers know that it is all about economics. If they can’t make money off of the exploit, then it is time to move on. Secondarily, if the space gets crowded enough, with spammer and anti-spammer alike, then it is time to try something else. If the attention (and the cash) is focusing on other channels in cyberspace, then maybe some ingenuitive folks can get the jump on the rest, and the payoff, before that scam gets overrun.

Lets sit back and watch, as they take the search engines bait..

There are spam blogs, and then there are SPAM BLOGS#*$@&!

Adrants posted this quicky (see Adrants: Weblogs Are The New Spam) regarding a report by Dave Sifry of Technorati, pointing out blogs as the latest spam culprit. They used the term “horrifically depressing” right at the front of the post, for additional FUD factoring.

Thank goodness Dave responded, to clarify matters.

Six Apart Guide to Comment Spam

Six Apart, the folks that bring you the MovableType Publishing Platform, recently released the Six Apart Guide to Combatting Comment Spam.

Pretty comprehensive look at the comment spam issue, and how to avoid big wastes of time deleting kazillions of un-approved comments that sound like complete nonsense, but do contain great links to cheap Viagra.

Anyway, between it, and a solid implementation of MT Blacklist, you should be wasting little time, and this is good. You will have to find another job in order to afford the pharmaceuticals at your local Walgreens, and this is bad.