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Blogger speaks on Blogger splogs

I’ve been wondering what happened to all the spam blogs over at Google’s Blogger service. Spam from Blogger sites just seemed to whither away.

Were splogs just the news item of the day, for which attention waned, or was Google really doing something about the problem? It now seems the latter was the case.

Blogger is still going…

but how about the spam? I haven’t seen much in the way blog spam coming from Blogspot as of late. Chris Pirillo was screaming bloody murder about it a few months back, as were other high-profile types.

What happened to Google’s splogs? Did someone put the breaks on it, or is everyone still having a problem with it (and it just so happened to be the sensationalist news of the day)?

Popping off too soon…

could destroy the meager credibility Spamroll has. Splogs may not completely destroy your new laptop, but they can be used to spy on you.

Yep, it was already happening, right under my nose, but at least the FTC shut the whole thing down.

Blogger takes action

According to Mark Cuban, Google has finally responded to their splog problem. They added word verification to new blogs and blog posts. This means no more automation.

I have two things to say about this: 1) Thanks Google, and 2) interesting how folks move, even big ones like Google, when some multi-billionaire is screaming bloody murder.


I may have screwed this one up, as I have been told Google has had the “captcha” in place for a while. If so, then how did the splog bot hit them?

Is Google Becoming A Central Theme in Spam Wars?

I came across this post from A Whole Lotta Nothing, which struck a familiar cord: Blogspot is hurting America. Well, I am not sure how much it is “hurting America”, but it certainly seems like it could be hurting bloggers.

Is the Blogger product really being used by spammers to game Google search results? Does Google know this is going on, and if so, are they doing anything about it? They are in the same building, aren’t they?

Seems like a simple solution could work as follows…