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The Frog, resurrected without color

Blue Frog didn’t fare too well, but that doesn’t mean the concept of fighting spam with spam has completely died. The Okopipi Project has arisen to “continue the legacy of the Blue Frog anti-spam tool.”

While I never liked the concept, I love open source, so I’ll just call this post quits right about now (but not without leaving you with what Slashdotters had to say about it).

Did someone step on Blue Frog?

According to a comment from David Hart of TQMcube.com, Blue Security is no longer.

Maybe they are just hopping around, looking for a new host, or maybe they have the early summer blues…or maybe I am not very funny and should just shut my fat trap. The latter seems the best option right now.

Verified – whois says no nameserver for the site.



Techdirt chimes in, although I don’t consider it a win for anyone.

The Slashdot crowd does too.

And The Redding Herring misses on the subtitle.

Frog or fungus – are Blue Frog’s numbers for real?

Any time a company completely falls on its face, the pundits are going to say “I told you so.” After all, the naysayers can’t be right until after the dominos tumble, now can they?

In the case of Blue Frog, shit certainly seems to have hit the fan, so it comes as no surprise that negative talk would abound. In the case of TQM’s analysis of Blue Security, however, it seems there are some numbers to back up the scepticism.

While I don’t agree with the pre-formed conclusion regarding Blue Frog’s IPO aspirations, the writeup is interesting. On the IPO issue, any company going pubic with numbers that are difficult to tie out doesn’t stand much of a chance nowadays – it isn’t 1999 anymore. The fact that the whole Blue Security process was deemed questionable from the start, including by your’s truly, makes the possibility of a pubic offering difficult to imagine. The fact that it is a small, one product/service company in a market for which there are numerous competing products offered by diversified security providers, is just another broken staple in the red herring.

Smart folks weigh in on spam solutions

We have the Slashdotters making some quick comments on Blue Security’s unorthodox anti-spam solution, but I am more interested in the comments on spam solutions in general.

For those not so lucky to have heard about Blue Security, Spamroll already weighed in on their “offering.” But if you want to hear about it from someone who actually knows what they are talking about, catch Brian McWilliams’s latest on Blue Security’s Blue Frog.