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“Hacked Vista” news is overblown

The news all over the net is that Microsoft’s upcoming Vista operating system was hacked in a live demonstration.

I’m not one to stroke Microsoft. In fact, if you’ve read Spamroll for a while, you are probably saying “all this guy does is bash Microsoft.” That’s the impression, but I’m going to lay down here, and throw the bullshit flag at the same time.

Vista was hacked by Joanna Rukowska using a rootkit technology that has been in development for quite a while. Microsoft knew this was coming – it was mentioned over a month ago. If the folks at Black Hat, or anyone else for that matter, can’t find a new and original way in, I’d say Microsoft may actually have something there.

A blue pill cures all problems

When you think of blue pills, you imagine tv ads by politicians, people who are bored with their partners, and people who can’t get enough of their partners. You might also think of a lot of spam, due primarily to the previous points. However, you’d likely never think a “blue pill” could hide malware, completely undetectable, on your Windows computer, but that is exactly what a researcher in Singapore has devised. I suspect the name was an afterthought.

I’d say its good to know that such things are possible ahead of time, so someone can devise a way of detecting the undetectable (always happens). I’d also say I’m feeling pretty comfy sitting in at my desk right now – with one computer running OS X and the other running Fedora Core.