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Mac OS X now totally insecure

According a MacWorld report, a bluetooth security hole has been found. Yes, that’s right – bluetooth. You know, bluetooth! You don’t use bluetooth? Where have you been?

My guess is on a deserted island for the last six months, as you would have to have ignored about that duration’s worth of updates to OS X (since Apple posted a patch in like May).

As if leaving your laptop wasn’t stupid enough..

Laptops are no place for tons of sensitive data records, but no matter. People will leave them lying around, and they will get stolen. Leaving laptops in parked cars has already led to big heists, and I think the folks doing the leaving need good whippings.

But, just when you think stupidity reigns supreme, someone one-ups. This time, its leaving laptops in the trunk of parked cars, booted up with bluetooth on, so thieves can find them with bluetooth phones.

Or is that just a late April Fools joke?

The smarter you get, the worse off you are

I just picked up a Nokia 6682. I have to say it syncs like a charm with the Apple Powerbook, but boy what timing. Three new trojans were just found that threaten Symbian OS phones. No more .sis files from untrusted sources while sitting in a busy place with bluetooth arbitrarily on for me!

Watch some rainy day sport, and catch more than a cold

Can you imagine a bunch of Chicago Bears fans sitting at Soldier Field during desperate weather, and giving their bluetooth phone a few whirls just for shits and giggles? No, neither can I.

But over in Finland, that mobile phone crazed land, that is kind of what happened, and it didn’t work out so well. Spectators at the world athletics championships in Helsinki got beat up by the Cabir virus, which happens to be the first (and I think only – but please correct me if I am wrong) mobile virus floating around as of late.

So while football season in the US is just starting, I am giving all you fans fair warning. Leave the cell phone at home, and practice your non-electronic wave technique instead.