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Comment spam – splog problem or smog problem?

Boing Boing founder and co-editor Mark Frauenfelder likened comment spam to environmental polution, saying:

“You have to waste brain cycles to filter it out, or, if you own a blog, you have to go through extraordinary measures to keep it out.”

Can’t target Boing Boing for any funnies here, as the blog beats Spamroll’s traffic by what…10 trillion X? But I can say that the extent of my wasted brainpower was installing the latest version of MovableType with its newest spam filtering capabilities. Since then, virtually nothing (at least that is causing me any headaches that is).

Debit card disaster – PINs and fingerpointing

BoingBoing reported the story of Citibank’s debit card fiasco the first of the week. Many questions remain, and fingerpointing has inevitably reared it’s ugly head.

For those yet uninformed, the week brought to light that a yet unknown amount of debit card data, including card numbers, PINs, and encryption keys, where being used to empty bank accounts. Seems the accounts originate in the US, but the fraudulent transactions were being perpetrated in Canada, the U.K. and Russia.