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Imagine the botnet problem, now and then

If you think the whole botnet issue is bad now – zombiefied computers galore spewing more virus-laden pharmaceutical spam than you can shake a stick at – imagine what it will be like when everyone has one of these.

I guess the bright side is…if it is stuck in a closet with no monitor, you have an excuse when the police show up.

UPDATE: Here’s a roundup on the home server, for the curious.

Botnet double duty

We know botnets around here as the scourge that dispenses spam. But lets not forget that failure to clean up the messes does more than add to the spam problem. Criminals are still using botnets to redirect URLs, muck up browser home pages, and the like, and they are also using them to direct denial-of-service attacks and extort money out of website operators to “fix” the mess. They are a still growing problem, with few solutions in site.

Bots have sitdown with Harry Potter

Rumor has it that Harry Potter will soon be loaning his invisibility cloak to bots. No, that is a feeble attempt at humor, so I’ll stop. Actually, experts expect that it won’t be long before botnets are using encryption technologies to hide themselves from network scanners.

Encryption won’t completely hide activity – it’ll just mask it. Your time capturing packets in Ethereal (if you can get it installed) will just produce more mumbo jumbo for you to sort through and figure out. In other words, you may see some traffic crossing a port, but you won’t know what it is right off hand. Thanks, Harry.

Massive Botnet Attack on the prowl

I don’t have a heck of a lot to say about botnets, as I have a firewall doing NAT translation in front of my machines, and software-based firewalls and anti-virus protection on all machines. And I receive little or no spam, so in essence, I don’t have experience with botnets and what kind of damage they can do.

But there is a big trojan attack building zombied computer networks across the world right now, and security experts are warning about growing trojan threats.

If you don’t already have protections in place yet, I suggest you get some now.