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Symantec “SafetyTown” an artists’ getaway?

Symantec has introduced a new branding campaign that sounds like the Norman Rockwell approach. “SafetyTown” focuses on, well, safety, but the community watch program there is all about the internet.

This community must be a getaway for designers and illustrators, because the mayor of the town is touting Macs.

This post is in no way meant to denigrate OS X as a great platform for engineers, accountants, or anyone else. I am using it for that kind of stuff, although my engineering feats are hardly anything be to bragging about.

Falling into the “name game” trap

The Huffington Post laid out this piece which makes suggestions about ways to “brand” the Republican political party.

I don’t see the point.

I am an outsider looking in (as far as politics is concerned), but I’ve encountered a few folks that called politics a “business.” I’ve heard the inside scoop on that subject. It is a game of leverage, differentiation, and constant problem solving. If a company continually hires new leaders that don’t either change (or fix), the organization loses its competitive edge (or just dies). Smart boards don’t hire CEOs that don’t have a plan, and the proven ability to execute. And smart companies don’t spend their entire day mulling over their foes weaknesses, and thinking of ways to raise the awareness of them. They spend their day working on ways to exploit those weaknesses – and they rarely tell the world their intent up front.