Michael Gracie

Breakfast of Champions

Cereal is for birds …


One top sirloin steak from a grass-fed bovine. Measured amounts of Lawry’s and McCormick’s seasoning, along with a smidgen of salt, pepper, and garlic powder, infused with the must-have Tabasco. Seared in olive oil and port wine, roughly a minute and a half each side. Seven minutes of oven finishing at 475. Two eggs over-medium in the prep pan.

Zero sugar coma, and you will be hungry again. As in around 10pm.

MG signing off (thinking the Wheaties marketing team was paid way too much)

Pop-Tarts! The cornerstone of any nutritious [fly-fishing] breakfast

pop tartsThey pack over seventy grams of cast ‘n crank powering carbohydrates, and are available at finer food outlets across the 50 states. That is, unless you’re Pete McDonald. Portable, packable, and chock full of preservatives, this individually-wrapped foodstuff might just be the most efficiently contained source of 7 vitamins and minerals a fly fisher could get their grubby little paws on.

It puts power packs, cliff chips, and goop-de-goos to shame – the ubiquitous, sometimes colorful, and always sweet sensation…Pop Tarts! The cornerstone of any nutritious [fly-fishing] breakfast.

I’m partial to Frosted Blueberry, but sometimes presentation forces decisions (as opposed to decisions dictating presentation). Smores run a distance second, and I’ll settle for Frosted Strawberry over a frozen bacon, egg and cheese burrito any day. Ok…maybe not.

What’s your foundation, for a good start to a morning skunking?

MG signing off (fingers crossed that store will replenish their blueberry stocks before my next visit)