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I like my Mac, and so does Linus

I am not the only one who likes my Mac. Although I still run a Dell C840 with dual boot WinXP and Fedora Core 3, the Mac has appeal in terms of portability, ease of use, and a comfortability factor I have become acccustomed to in a very short time (like three weeks).

Now Linus Torvalds is using one too.

Why Apple Won’t Deal?

A week or so back I compared Apple to Toyota, regarding pricing and quality. I left one major issue out which some may say speaks to the difference between good products and truly excellent ones.

I’m talking about warranties.

A decent Linux laptop

Want to give a bit of kudos to the Linux community, for making so many peoples lives a little better. I performed a nice clean install of FC3 (taken from fedora.redhat.com) on my Dell C840, and although I did a few unorthodox things with it (which I will explain in a moment), I am extremely happy with the way it stuck, and how it runs to this day. And this is despite having very high expectations for the platform from the start.

Nitty gritty after the jump.