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Stuff YOU might have missed if YOU have been fly fishing too much – 07/13/09


  • RSA’s Coviello: Cloud Computing Not Secure Enough [PC World] – Web 2.0 and widgets led to the cloud computing craze, so it’s no wonder security wasn’t part of the deal. Nonetheless, while RSA has a clear vested interest in pitching more secure web apps, I’m in complete agreement with Mr. Coviello. Only I don’t think RSA will be the sole innovator in the space.
  • Are You Helping Facebook Outrank You For Your Brand Name? [search engine land] – Get lots of attention over at a site you don’t control, and lose control of your brand in the process.
  • How to Ease Your Transition to Google Voice [LifeHacker] – The dial once, ring everywhere service formerly known as Grand Central is getting aggressive with invitations (even I got one), but I think Google really needs to add the ability to port numbers before it really takes off. PS: I heard Google is using the voicemail service to perfect it’s own text-to-speech services. Is that true?
  • Flickr adds direct-to-Twitter publishing [VentureBeat] – Now playing on Flickr, a way to automatically tweet your photos as you post them. This geek couldn’t figure out if the service would tweet all your photos or whether it could be done on a selective basis, but he couldn’t figure out how to link his Twitter account with his Flickr account either. Then he bailed on the idea altogether.
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  • What’s North Dakota’s Secret? [Forbes] – North Dakota had twice the growth of the any other state in 2008, except Wyoming, which it still handily trounced. It presently has the lowest unemployment in the nation, and the 20th ranked GDP per capita. And a budget surplus. Huh?
  • U.S. Home Prices to Fall Through 2011’s First Quarter [Bloomberg] – Unemployment becomes the next leg in the foreclosure boom, and more than half of the major cities in the US are expected to see falling prices for the next two years.
  • The Rental Market Stinks Too [The Atlantic] – While some thought rising foreclosures would lead to rising rental prices as former homeowners mortgagees bailed, the opposite has happened in many places.
  • Mean Street: California IOUs and the Great American IOU Market [WSJ Deal Journal] – Banks won’t take them, and recipients have to eat. The SEC is coming to the rescue, declaring California’s funny money a municipal security and hoping a regulated market will arise for their trade. I wonder if anyone will be allowed to short them.
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    Give yourself a break, will ya’?


    Quizzing the ‘Rivers of a Lost Coast’ creators

    Pete McDonald:

    We here at Fishing Jones are enjoying the maturation of the fly fishing video genre into something beyond the instructional or extreme categories. From Red Gold, to Drift, to the rediscovery of Tarpon, we like where things are going. Add to this our expectations for the upcoming documentary-style movie Rivers of a Lost Coast, which focuses on California’s rich fly fishing history. After viewing the Vimeo trailer and reading the pre-release information on the blog, we decided to ask the filmmakers, Justin Coupe and Palmer Taylor, a few basic questions…

    I’ve never watched an instructional video, which is why I hit myself in the back of the head with a fly twenty some-odd times every outing. But I’ve seen the ‘extreme’, and I’ve seen the ‘riddled with sponsor plugs’ – I can take ’em or leave ’em.

    In this case, if the trailer doesn’t have you immediately searching for a place to grab this documentary, the substance of the questions and answers certainly will. Read the whole thing.

    California AG’s phishing PR play

    The word out of the California AG’s Office is to be wary of phishing emails, as your identity may be stolen as a result.

    So, what should the everyday citizens of California do about the stolen laptops full of their data, the banks losing the stuff off the backs of UPS trucks, or the data brokers who willingly give it to scammers?

    Don’t ask me.

    California sooo much safer now

    Two new spam/phishing related laws are about to take effect next week in California.

    The first makes phishing a crime. Yea yea, your thinking the same thing I was. Was stealing bank account, credit card and other information from people legal before SB355? The second makes spamming under California law a misdemeanor, with penalties up to $1,000 and 6 months in the county jail. Hardly a deterent if you ask me. What was the punishment before this..you have to go to bed without dinner?

    State Senator Kevin Murray (D-LA) is about to get a pat on the back, but nothing is going to change.

    Choicepoint reaps rewards of failure

    How does the US Government reward companies that fail miserably? The same way the rest of corporate America does. CEOs of US companies are notorious for getting huge severance packages after being sacked for doing a bad job. Not much of an incentive to do a good one.

    Now Choicepoint (you know, the folks who gather all kinds of error-prone data on you), are getting some of the same. After getting a bunch of their data hoisted, and that leading to a pack of identity thefts, Choicepoint has been rewarded for their screwup with an Internal Revenue Service contract.

    It gets better..

    Data Stolen from UC Berkeley, again

    A laptop containing the personal information of roughly 100,000 students, alumni, and past applicants was stolen several weeks ago from a UC Berkeley office. Why did they wait until yesterday to report it? Well that is what the law says they can do. Unfortunately, the harm has already been done.