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Bet the Debt is the latest casino game

According to a recent poll, plenty of folks would be willing to go double-or-nothing on their personal debt at an online casino.

This all comes despite the poor odds, none to surprising as most people don’t calculate risk when they sign the aggregious contract on that new European car (their thought at the time is they will just draw down the home equity line to pay it off).

Little do they know, while they are sitting around with their thumbs up their butts hoping for a miracle of chance, the farm has already been bet for them.

They’d be well served to read this instead.

Gambling system ripe for abuse

As if casino gambling wasn’t already the best way to put you in the poor house, now you may be able to add data theft from casinos to the list. A new system is on the market (to casinos) which will automatically grab data off your driver’s license when you hit the window for a cash advance.

Lets hope casino data security systems are better than Choicepoint’s.