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Stuff I’ve been paying attention to even though spring was very fishy

It’s been a very fishy spring, particularly with the whole FIBFest bit, but that doesn’t mean work has gone unattended. Well at least paying attention (which reminds me that I used to get sent to the dean’s office a lot for disrupting class)….


  • WordPress 3.0: The 5 Most Important New Features [Mashable] – More great stuff afoot. Why anyone would PAY for content management system software with WordPress around is beyond me.
  • Still Don’t Know What Cyberwar Is… But The US Has A Cyberwar General Now [Techdirt] – It’s probably best you don’t know either. No need to worry about some enemy types crashing the electrical grid…or better yet, launching weapons.
  • Gmail Ditched By Major University [Information Week] – Others followed suit, and I suspect it was a knee-jerk reaction. But to what?


  • What Business is Wall Street In ? [Blog Maverick] – The analogy that traders are like hackers is spot on. Problem is, a select few hackers are spoiling the show for individual investors, and therefore businesses looking for capital.
  • Tax Hikes and the 2011 Economic Collapse [Wall Street Journal] – A flurry of tax breaks come to an end soon. That “Curve Guy” postulates that all hell will break loose soon thereafter.

Fly Fishing

    Haven’t you had enough already? Seriously?

  • Book Review – The Flycaster Who Tried To Make Peace With The World [A Bad Backcast…And Other Inane Musings] – Rob Dee says Randy Kadish’s philosophical journey take you along with. The book is available for the Kindle now too!
  • Report: Most Anglers Don’t Use Social Media [MidCurrent] – No surprise there, because the interwebs are all about telling the truth!
  • Casting for Recovery Selected for Federal Campaign Charity Listing [Angling Trade] – “The Combined Federal Campaign is the only authorized workplace charitable giving drive for employees in the federal employment.” Included are civilian, postal and military sectors.


My training regimen for the Teva Mountain Games Costa 2 Fly Extreme

I’ve been practicing so much for the Teva Mountain Games Costa 2 Fly Extreme fly fishing competition coming up in Vail this weekend that I literally exemplify the extreme in the name. It’s been tough, really tough – so arduous that I’ve been skipping sleep and have forgotten how many practice sessions I’ve actually undertaken.

It could just be that I’m old, and experiencing intermediate-term memory loss.

Or it could be that my refrigerator is improperly stocked with the nutrients vital to a strong performance…

Ok…I’m running out of excuses.

The fact is I haven’t practiced a lick, and don’t plan on it either. Which means you shouldn’t have any excuses not to make a pledge to Casting for Recovery. Remember, my score determines whether you laugh or cry.

Just hope you get the humor.

MG signing off (to crack open another case of “energy drink”)