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Minnesota Republicans need a privacy policy

According to Thinkprogress.org, the Minnesota Republican party distributed CDs containing a survey on social issues, and the participants’ results were sent to a remote server for tallying.

Digg called it Sony-like, but it doesn’t sound like a rootkit (link compliments of Techdirt). What it sounds like is taking advantage of gullible computer users. A survey, on a CD, with no EULA or Privacy Policy? Hmmh.

People fill out surveys and online polls so they can see the results of others. It is a curiosity thing. To expect a survey not to gather results, is well, just plain stupid. For those interested, Publicradio.org has a blow by blow of the survey’s contents.

Folks can call this what they want – Sony-like, a privacy invasion, spyware, whatever. I am going to classify the whole thing as “dumbware.”

Apple and Sony, sittin’ in a tree…

This article was sent to me by a friend this morning…AppleInsider | Merrill Lynch speculates on potential Sony-Apple partnership.

I think that by the time Apple and Sony agree on a partnership utilizing H.264, some hack (I love hacks), will have already cooked up something much better. The DRM will piss everyone off, and they will continue to buy CDs and DVDs, despite what “the analysts” and RIAA/MPAA think.