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“The PERFECT eBay/Paypal SCAM”

Before linking to this tale of woe from an eBay seller, I’d like to point out that I pilfered a quote from their story for the title. However, my favorite from the drama is actually…

This business model puts underpants-stealing gnomes to shame.

It certainly does, so feel free to read on, because the laughs just ended.

Meanwhile, it is the opinion of your’s truly that eBay rules are so extraordinarily biased towards buyers that you have to be slightly nuts to conduct business via the platform. There is no ability to issue negative feedback to bad customers, and eBay actually encourages sellers to provide positive feedback immediately upon receipt of payment. Ridiculously stupid advice, me thinks. The transaction cancellation system allows even the nastiest of buyers to simply reject the request – eBay’s transaction fees are secured (for eBay, of course) even if the seller refuses to send a pallot of MacBook Pros to an exiled Ethiopian prince seeking political asylum in Siberia. Add in that deadbeat buyers can still hit a seller’s feedback rating rating to the negative even if they haven’t paid, and you’ve got a marketplace that is ripe for pushing honest individuals and small businesses into the insolvency bracket. Or at least inducing a self-imposed benching.

The linked story goes even a step further, with an obvious scammer putting their credit card company in between them and Paypal. Sadly, only the seller loses, but only because eBay and Paypal have stacked the deck against them.

MG signing off (because I too have a screw loose, but I don’t mind using it for self defense)