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Who needs reporters to blow CIA covers?

We’ve got the internet.

The Chicago Tribune found plenty of tidbits on CIA operatives by searching internet databases. Of course, they weren’t simply searching Google, so don’t get your hackles up. But, these databases ARE readily accessible to almost anyone with a credit card.

I checked out one which was advertised, ironically, through a Google PPC ad. By typing in my name, I quickly saw a pretty accurate listing of where I’d lived. In fact, the quick search showed evidence of history dating back to my college days. Not too surprising – the time spent overseas was not listed, nor the time spent in company housing. And, I noted that no listings existed for the last few years (as in three) – which is precisely the time when I doused land lines for cell phone and VoIP. Hmm.

Of course, if you are going to type away about privacy on the internet, you aren’t exactly begging for anonymity, but then again, I am no CIA operative.

Don’t pick on my government!

There are a lot of well publicized problems with the US Government right now, so naturally people are going to pick on that fact. When the underground starts sending out worms in packages disguised as emails from the FBI and CIA, it becomes personal. They don’t need the distractions, and I am working on a project that is just risky enough for me to think I might be needing some food stamps somewhere down the road. So stop!

PS: at least the damage seems to be happening somewhere other than here.