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Supplemental wading traction

The kicks arrived and the contemplation began. How to make them just a bit stickier, but without raising the primary traction clear off the pavement. On flat rocks they’d perform like ice skates otherwise. Then it dawned that there’s a hardware store right around the corner.

cheap cleats

Ratchet not included

The fact is, softer is actually better. It bites, or rather, gets bitten. And regardless of how tough the Rockwell Brothers say it is, it WILL require replacement after a few outings. Ninety-eight cents a foot sealed the deal.

MG signing off (because marketing effectiveness and the gullibility of the target are perfectly correlated)

Upgraded for maximum situational effectiveness

Simms Vibram-soled boots kick felt butt around the water, and run a close second in it. But like racy motor cars, an upgrade to the rubber can further increase performance. Sometimes the situation requires you go big, or go home.


The latter is not an option. Meanwhile, understanding my upcoming opponent is significantly nimbler than I, tuning for maximum efficacy was required.

MG signing off (to hit “the track” just seven days from now)