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Total Fly Fishing Emersion Weekend – Day 1

First Day With A FlyrodBut first, a word from our sponsor…

Pete McDonald is on the conservation line today, helping his friend Capt. Gordon Churchill get gill nets banned in North Carolina. Gill nets kick redfish butt, which is a heck of a waste for such a fine species, and they need our help. Further, signing the petition over at Fishing Jones comes with a catch of it’s own – you could wind up with a new Redington Titanium CDL Reel (for 7/8 W Line). No excuses – get over there and sign that petition!

Now, back to our show…

A college buddy of mine sent his wife to Florida, and then called me from DIA to say he was in town and needed fly fishing lessons. Getting me to introduce someone to the sport is kind of like trying to get my dog to eat a pound of ground top sirloin – basic instinct (i.e. gorging) kicks in. But, we had a problem in that classy water is a few hours away – thankfully my friend has almost as little class as I do, so we opted for the stinky water a few miles from the house.

I’m the kind of fly fishing teacher who prefers beating his students into submission, but Chris (being a medium-handicap golfer) understood the concept of letting the tools of the trade do the work – he was making pretty decent casts in under an hour, and by beer o’clock he was dropping flies thirty feet out without much strain (and despite having a decent supply of wind swirling around). I’d like to beam like the proud instructor, but he’s a natural (I’ll drink him under the table this evening so there’s no question who’s boss).

Another benefit of having someone tag along who gets it – I had time to pick up this beast…

Carp or Pig

I watched it suck up every bit of #14 red San Juan Worm, after taking a look at the flashback brown stonefly nymph leading the way. I got a clean upper lip hookset, followed by two attempts at imitating a freight train. My colleague of old then performed an expert-level net sweep, and it was Miller (Lite) time. I can’t tell male from female yet regarding these goldfish, but it was easily pushing twenty el bees.

Tomorrow, we are off at the crack of dawn for the bluest of blue water – chasing early sex-crazed Rainbows and Cutthroats in the mountains (which my friend has never set foot in either).


Editor’s note: Total Fly Fishing Emersion Weekend started on Thursday…just don’t tell my boss. And P.S. – Chris took the pig photo, which means he’s well on his way to a photojournalist’s career should the bond market start continue giving him shit.