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The McAfee anti-virus ate my spreadsheet tool

That won’t be an excuse for not getting your work done this morning, if you follow the advice below…

If you do a lot of spreadsheet work and run McAfee security tools, please check for updates when you hit the desk this morning. A bad McAfee definition was identifying Excel as a virus late last week, but McAfee quickly fixed the problem. This is particularly important for those who leave the office for lunch on Fridays, and don’t come back.

It wasn’t long ago that Microsoft’s anti-spyware was beating up Norton, so McAfee might just be teaching Microsoft a lesson here, at the bequest of a neighbor. Now all we need is for Webroot to start flagging Word files, CA to close all ports on boxes running SQL Server, and TrendMicro to reroute all Outlook messages through Google’s Gmail, and we’ll have a really fun conspiracy here.

Symantec Anti-Spyware at your service

It may be a day, but I sure as heck hope it isn’t a dollar short. Symantec just released their consumer anti-spyware product, months after Microsoft (aided by acquisitions in the space) coughed up their offering.

A pack of small companies took advantage of delays from both, including Webroot of Boulder, Colorado, whose Spy Sweeper product is a favorite among many, and Pest Patrol, now owned by Computer Associates. Symantec was full of excuses for falling behind, including saying that none of the existing products on the market were any good, and that consumers really wanted an offering bundled with anti-virus.

Time will tell if they were right.

Gator back on PestPatrol’s Spylist

Anti-spyware software vendors are generally out for your best interests. Its when they decide what is and isn’t spyware is when your fate is sealed. Luckily, Computer Associates PestPatrol decided in favor of the customer, and (more…)