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Consumer Confidence Index

As gauged by talking points memos the news media …

Say something enough and … well, you get the idea.

MG signing off (happy new year, happy new year, happy new year, happy new year, happy new year, happy new year, happy new year …)

Post-Thanksgiving things to be thankful for

A list not worth saving

  • I’m thankful one of my guests yesterday was an attorney.  He’s already threatened to sue me over my cooking and I need a good lawsuit to keep my mind off work this holiday season.
  • US investors should be thankful for the SEC. They’re keeping their priorities straight.
  • The fishing industry should be thankful that nobody weighed this roosterfish.  They’re gonna save a lot of endorsement money as a result.
  • Retailers should be thankful gas prices are plummeting.  Consumer confidence is on the rise, just in time for the holidays.
  • Social network addicts should be thankful they have so many online friends, and that getting rid of them is such a good laugh for the rest of us.
  • And…

  • Those that have written off the mainstream media and its associated lackeys as toddlers in constant need of a new binky should be thankful that there are still some real grownups around.
  • Adieu.

    Tuesday, April 29 must be “Good News Day”

    Nobody got the memo, and I got all this in my feed reader simultaneously

    I’m closing my browser for the rest of the day.

    UPDATE: Hearing Wal-mart cheers.

    Consumers starring in “Resident Evil: Delirious”

    Consumer Confidence Hits 2-Year Low

    Via AP/Yahoo:

    Economists said conditions are being exacerbated by renewed problems in financial markets as investors have become worried by a string of huge losses reported by some of America’s largest corporations, including General Motors, Merill Lynch and Citicorp. These sobering earnings reports are raising concerns about how many more billions of dollars in losses have yet to be announced.

    The amount of losses yet to be announced could be pretty scary.

    The “Consumer Cockiness Index”

    The Conference Board has just release the latest Consumer Confidence Index (CCI), and the numbers have rebounded nicely for December. Who the hell is the Conference Board polling?

    Retailers are desperately seeking AFTER-Christmas sales to shore up their year, domestic auto makers spent the summer giving away cars at the expense of any year end bump, and we just saw housing sales decline (month-on-month) the most in a decade. Meanwhile, my personal, unofficial poll, yielded the following…