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Something Thoreau wrote on October 26, 1855

“I sometimes think that I must go off to some wilderness where I can have a better opportunity to play life – can find more suitable materials to build my house with, and enjoy the pleasure of collecting my fuel in the forest. I have more taste for the wild sports of hunting, fishing, wigwam-building, making garments of skins, and collecting wood wherever you find it, than for butchering, farming, carpentry, working in a factory, or going to a wood market.”

Not sure about rejecting farming and carpentry, both of which seem like fitting pursuits for the self-reliant. But the rest sure does sound like fun, particular as it doesn’t remotely involve stepping into a shopping mall.

MG signing off (to imagine Thoreau taking a selfie while wearing a raccoon fur cap then refusing to post it to Instagram out of spite)

Editor’s note: He didn’t have access to a smartphone after all, but what if he did?