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What does fly-fishing mean to you?

To me fly-fishing means…

  • Friendship: I love fishing with my friends because I get a chance to pummel them into submission, and hoot and holler a lot. At their expense, of course.
  • Method: Fly-fishing is the only form of angling you should consider, and my casting, water reading, and fighting skills are par excellence. Or at least that’s what I’ve got people believing.
  • Accountability: Exchanging flies is the ultimate form of camaraderie. I have an extremely fine selection which I will let you pick from, but I’m damn good with numbers. Each will cost you a pilsner.
  • Conservation: The river is running kinda low and clear, the tide is doubled up, and the wind is awfully light. The fish will be spooky, so save your gas. I’ll go scouting for you.

I suspect most anglers will not possess my clarity of thought (read: utterly selfless mindset resulting in infinite nirvana), but Ted Nugent’s adopted little brother is running a contest to see who might be worthy of carrying a brand new LL Bean 5-weight on their next business junket. Just tell Ben Rioux what fly-fishing means to you. You won’t achieve my level of self-actualization, but you might wind up with some fresh new gear.

On a similar note, Fishy Kid also started a writing contest a few weeks back. All kids (not you, Teasdale) have to do is answer the age old young question..

Why are the outdoors and spending time on the water so important to you?

..and a hot as Talledega pavement fishing canoe could be yours (after you tell your kid you didn’t take my advice to conserve gasoline during those bad conditions).

Forget slaving over the vice…get ready for spring with your keyboard or pen!

MG signing off (to write something worthwhile…just kidding)