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FBI calls for cooperation in bug battle

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation is calling for cooperation between researchers and law enforcement in the fight against organized web attacks.

Some would be inclined to agree with this idea, and some would say the moment you open your mouth about a bug you are immediately labeled the perpetrator. I doubt the FBI has time to listen to every potential threat from every researcher, so I think it behooves the Feds to pitch this line to state and local task forces as well – you know, the ones looking for brownie points and are willing to shoot first and ask questions later to get them.

As for the sincerity of the FBIs initiative? I’m giving it a thumbs up – they are building a track record, with their leadership having played this hand before. What remains to be seen if they can get their fellow law enforcement friends on board too.

Creative Juices Compete with Proper Planning

Creative endeavors, whether it be painting, writing a novel, or assembling slick website code for a new-fangled ecommerce business, have been responsible for an enormous amount of value creation. Entrepreneurs know this well – they start with an idea, build internal passion for it, extend that enthusiasm to others through communication, and then rally the troops for execution. But the need for due diligence sometimes stands in the way. How does one balance these driving forces?

Industry-Wide Efforts On Anti Spam Initiatives, but…

just not in America.

Spamroll has repeated mentioned the need for industry standards to fight spam, and why fighting over this or that proprietary solution is a waste of time, and won’t solve the problem when one is “chosen” anyway.

It seems the Japanese understand this.