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Is “1984” required reading at Apple headquarters?

Apple LocationThe next operating system release from Apple, Snow Leopard, is going to include the CoreLocation framework already available for iPhone developers. And…

Since Macs don’t include GPS technology like the iPhone 3G, CoreLocation will utilize a Mac’s existing networking hardware to triangulate the system’s location in a manner similar to the way the original iPhone was able to use the technology to emulate a true global positioning signal.

This may all seem very interesting to those who don’t mind strangers knowing where they are 24/7, but for those of us who value our liberty, we’d rather not have this stuff as default.

No, there is no tinfoil hat here. This is a choice issue – the first of which is the choice to NOT use an iPhone and NOT use mobile maps (unless they are installed resident in my phone’s memory) because I really don’t care to have corporate behemoths knowing where I’m at and where I’m going all the time (and that goes for Apple, Google, and my mobile carrier). Unless the CoreLocation services can be easily disabled, you’re going to have to scrutinize every app you install on your Mac for the access, or not use your networking hardware if you enjoy piece of mind.

I’m personally not willing to deal with the privacy hassles – unless the services can be removed, Leopard is going to be the last Apple operating system upgrade I ever employ.

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