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Confessions of a Madman

thisisflyUtah fly fishing wunderkind Bryan Gregson and Corey Kruitbosch give you an exposé on one of the new breed of fly tier, Clark Pierce (a.k.a. Cheech), in the latest edition of This Is Fly:

Some say tradition should be the guide in tying. That is ironic because today’s tiers are as diverse as the materials that they use. There are the bead-head’s debate, and the always-fun natural vs. synthetic arguments. Cheech plays this game on his own terms. Freedom does not come about by following rules and his tying shows his ability to create without restriction. His progress is fueled by his quick recognition of failure. The bottom line is skill requires dedication, surrender, and discipline.

The above mentioned crew fishes a lot, and wrangles with pigs. From the sounds of it, they have a lot of fun doing it too.

To hell with tradition. Go read the whole thing, beginning on page 67.