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Putting the screws to my ‘benefactors’ for your benefit

Woe is the person or company who hands me something to review, and only expects me to tear their gear to pieces. No, around here I [unintentionally] destroy all samples, but not until after I’ve extracted a pound of flesh for the benefit of this blog’s vast multitudeshealthy count…minuscule number of readers.

railriders-couponA few days back I noted that some kind folks had sent me a few items that I was to flaunt like I’m some bigshot kindly throw my two cents in on during and after the Teva Mountain Games. The RailRiders clothing line was one of them. I’m pretty busy right now (double hauling Sharkskin to Jose Cuervo jingles) so I was thinking of giving the company a break and only soaking the pants they gave me in nitric acid for a week versus actually going fishing in them (which is bound to do much more damage).

Then the company founder John Darbeloff read my initial post on the matter and decided to taunt me via email – something to the affect of “you aren’t going to bust these up, kiddo”. I told him to put his money where his mouth is. And holy crap…he did! Someone who stands behind their products? Damn…that wasn’t much fun.

From now until June 30, if you buy anything from RailRiders.com and use coupon code “RRMG” you get 15% off any purchase. I’ve already worn the pants salsa dancing carp fishing, muddied them up pretty good, tried snagging a few forward casts in my ass (didn’t work – line speed Michael, line speed), and put them through a wash and tumble dry. They still look brand new. But the best part about this deal (and the ultimate reason why you have to take John up on it) is that I don’t get jack out of it. Nadda! Zippo! Hell, the only thing better would be if RailRiders used MY credit cards for all YOUR purchases (but the bank turned those off long long ago).

So get on over there and get yourself some sweet new apparel.

MG signing off (to panhandle for beer and leader money)