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Orvis Gift Coupon – Good ‘Till Christmas (UPDATED)

Orvis is good to me – they send me ‘$25 off any purchase of $50 or more’ coupons every now and again, and this holiday season they sent two. I’ve got one still in hand, which says prominently at the top…

Give this savings certificate to someone you think would enjoy shopping at Orvis.

I’m obliging. The coupon is good in-store only (no outlet, dealer, web, or mail order purchases), through December 24th. If you can use it, it’s yours – just leave a comment, and make sure you use a valid email address when you do. I’ll ping you for your address, and mail it out immediately.

Happy holidays.

UPDATE: Matt gets the coupon, but that Rivers In Motion video is still available for a trivia/brain teaser buff. SORRY, IT’S NOW GONE TOO.