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Coursera Data Science Specialization: A Student’s Review

datasciencelogoCoursera is a pure play online education provider distributing classes in a wide variety of subjects, from The Music of the Beatles to Analyzing Global Trends for Business and Society. Many courses are offered in the native languages of those who developed them, such as Peking University’s Methodologies in Social Research, while others have been translated for more widespread use – see Yale’s Financial Markets instructed by Prof. Robert Shiller (I’m a fan).

Part of the Massive Open Online Course (or “MOOC”) site’s push is linking courses developed by accredited higher-learning institutions into specializations, series of classes designed to develop skills in a particular field. There are seven specializations as of this writing, and the one I dove into is called Data Science.

Made up of nine segments created by Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health – taught by Professor Brian Caffo and Assistant Professors Roger Peng and Jeff Leek – it’s a half-year commitment for Energizer bunnies with a math/programming bent, and probably twelve to eighteen months if right this moment you’re distracted by your Instagram feed. Ok, maybe twenty-four to thirty-six.

Yours truly took the fast track, doubling and tripling up on classes at the outset, leaving the purportedly hard stuff for the windup to winter solstice. What follows is a summary of each class, including comparison to what was “sold”, tips for getting the most from them i.e. scoring well and then some, as well as supplementary materials discovered that turned out worthwhile. It’s the truth within from a dedicated student’s point of view, and a long road. So feel free to skip to the conclusions; just don’t make fun of my grades.