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A pathetic first fly

At approximately 11:30pm yesterday, after struggling with database queries for most of the evening, I poured a lightly dressed cocktail. The vise was mounted, and I attempted to tie a carp pattern I’ve been thinking about. The vision was a small crawfish, lacking color, much as I’ve seen darting about in certain environs.

Using a size 6 Gamakatsu SL45 hook, I piled on some artificial everything, then sat back with drink in hand gazing at my creation.

It was not what I had planned.

While the tint and general size was precisely as imagined, the fly appeared anorexic. I need to figure out a way to make it much fuller. Maybe more material, or different materials altogether. And the final wraps near the eye are downright awful. I could blame it on the alcohol, but that was only two fingers and some ice – it’s my own digits that must take the heat.

I’ve tied ten flies in the last half-decade, and most of those were San Juan Worms, but I’m not going easy on myself. I need practice, lots of practice. And a few suggestions wouldn’t hurt either.

This fly goes straight into the bonefish box – no surprise because it is on a bonefish hook, but sad considering that particular box is in sore need of use.

MG signing off (to rethink, while panhandling for ideas)

Dream Stream Grand Slam

I don’t know if there is such a thing, but someone got one anyway.

[singlepic id=88 w=100 h=75 float=left]We hit the Dream Stream today, and spent up until 1:30 pm wishing we hadn’t dressed for a winter storm – the day started off cold and gray, and way too quickly moved to warm and cloudless. For me, things got more productive as the day progressed – the morning was a bust, started the afternoon with several dinks, then moved up to a few 12 to 14 inch rainbows. As the sun began its drop behind the mountains I was able to haul in a fat 21 inch brown on a leech to round things out (and no, she isn’t being crushed – she’d just been grabbed out of the net and was in the water a split second later).

The real news here, however, is about the grand slam! Todd Pepin picked up a Kokanee, a stout Brown, and a Pike…in a single outing. We were none too happy to find a pike in the river (they eat trout with reckless abandon), but Todd’s feat has to be recognized. I’m doing that here, where said recognition shall remain for eternity (or until the database gets corrupted).

dream-stream-kokanee dream-stream-brown dream-stream-pike

And last but certainly not least, we caught a lobster. Actually a crawfish, but it was about seven inches long and gunning for my finger when I was setting him up for the pic.