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AT&T loses grip on data

Not as though that this something new, after AT&T was found handing the NSA data, but there is a twist. Instead of the info being phone call records, handed out voluntarily, this time it is credit card data taken by “unauthorized personnel” (uh..hackers).

The potential victims (estimated at 19,000) are folks who purchased products and services from AT&T’s website. No worries there – anyone affected will be liable for no more than the standard $50 or so that applies in the case of credit card fraud. Nonetheless, AT&T has made a point of promptly notifying everyone involved. Good for them.


Unfortunately, that data is purportedly being used for phishing attacks. Yes, already.

Next up, Spamroll gets spam flood

First off, I hope everyone in the US has a great Memorial Day Holiday. I will be stuck in the office, cranking down Spamroll’s email filters, awaiting the inevitable.

I figure that if a fraud expert running a fraud website can fall victim to credit card crime, then why can’t an idiot (like me) running a spam site, well, wind up getting a bunch of spam?!