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Homeland Security gets their Chief

Homeland Security has been searching far and wide for a chief of cybersecurity. Yes, while virtually every US Government department is getting piss poor grades for computer security (including Homeland Security), the bureacrats have been sitting on the fence (then again, what’s new there).

Now they’ve found their man. It’s Greg Garcia, former VP of the Information Technology Association of America.

Now, what’s their grade in human resources acquisition?

The reality of national cybersecurity oversight

If you are highly proficient with telecommunications and information technology, there is a job opening for you. Yes, the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity Czar post is still vacant, a year after the position was created.

Anyone with the talent to truly make a difference is almost certainly very busy nowadays, and would likely consider the position a demotion. Hence, I am not holding my breath as to its getting filled by someone competent and/or motivated to do the job, anytime soon.