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Daily Kos: Don’t spam me!

Markos Moulitsas Zuniga, founder of the venerable Daily Kos blog, is pleading with his followers: Don’t spam me, please.

I am not sure if this is self-aggrandization or what, but..

If I was an infamous political blogger getting hammered by email from people looking for money and favors, just a few weeks before an election, the last thing I would do is beg for mercy on the internet.

PS: You have to love the whole “irrelevant crap” bit too.

UPDATE: Almost forgot – I did like his book, but, didn’t I say you’d have a hard time controlling the crew?

Conservative thinking in unconventional place

I thought I was dead, and looking down at myself reading the laptop screen. There is a pretty carefully crafted post on US economic uncertainties lying here – it almost seems out of place. Even the comments are uncharacteristic, and I have to say I agree with most of it.

Debt at all levels, no savings. And funky numbers being reported everywhere.

These issues are not going to just disappear, and I’d be hard pressed to think it can just be “worked out.” The problems run deeper than even the face value numbers suggest.

As for solutions, well that is anyone’s guess. But if you could encapsulate the situation into a corporate entity, I might start by taking a walk down to US Bankruptcy Court (and hopefully I was doing some business in New York so I could file in the Southern District).