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Will Darwin please stand up

History will probably describe U.S. District Judge John Jones in some skewed fashion, depending on which side of the pew the editor sits on, but Judge Jones certainly made the right decision with “intelligent design.”

Can we please have some sponsors for the Darwin Exhibition now?

Of course, this all assumes Jones’s decision doesn’t get tossed out on appeal.

Could evolution’s timing be any worse for business?

At first thought you might think that the Darwin exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in NYC is just another grand science presentation. Instead, it is at the center of corporate controversy. See, big companies are turning down sponsorship of the program, for fear that the ultra right wing conservatives will look down upon them (meaning boycott their products). The whole “intelligent design” fiasco has got to stop – everyone knows whats up (and more than one politico has already lost their “job” over it).

Meanwhile, I was hoping the producers of Darwin might publish a list of the big companies that WOULDN’T give money to the project, so someone has a chance to boycott THEIR products.