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Taking this blog to new heights of petulance with WordPress 2.7

I’d barely gotten use to the 2.6 switch when a new version hit. The new automatic updating functionality kind of freaked me out (hence the delay), but since I’ve been tinkering with the code on this site since time immemorial I figured something was bound to break anyway. And much to my chagrin, nothing did (at least on upgrade), which means I’m forced to do real work, the lure of a winter fishing day notwithstanding.

The new WP dashboard is outstanding – everything is laid out much more intuitively, and the ability to reorganize said layout (along with the rest of the back end interface) only adds to the ease of use. I’ve enabled OpenID commenting too. I was hankering for OpenID some time ago (enough to even pay for it), and just hadn’t had the time to seek out the latest release.  I haven’t installed XRDS-Simple yet so I’m still using a third-party OpenID provider, but frankly I’m astounded that server functionality even exists – Will and Chris have done one hell of a job with the plug-in. Thanks guys.

Have a safe and happy new year.

OS X widgets need a calling card too?

Hot on the heels of revelations that Windows Genuine Advantage is doing a little more than its EULA says, someone may have found a similar occurence with the latest OS X update.

Apple’s new Dashboard Advisory, which attempts to authenticate widgets, seems relatively harmless (meaning it isn’t passing information back to Apple). Unfortunately, that isn’t the point. The issue is whether Apple is pushing the option without notifying the user and/or allowing them to turn it off.

This 10.4.7 user can’t validate any of this, as he hasn’t seen said feature “pop up” yet. But Ethereal may be running for the rest of the day.